UDK CTF Temple

Level Layout MapI wanted to design a very fast paced capture the flag map. The map is purposely small to achieve this goal. This small size allows the players easy access to the other teams flag. This speed is further increased by the addition of jump jets which push players from the ground floor to the first floor quickly.

The real challenge of this level is the fact that most of the action takes place in a single large open area. In this wide zone the real safety is found close to the walls. To encourage players into the center there is a set of four bunker. These bunkers are all connected, creating tight hallways that travel under the main floor. These makes for easy travel from one side to the other. In addition, on top of these bunkers are the jump jets that will push the player quickly to the first floor and within sight of the flag.

This level makes use of both Kismet and Matinee sequences. The Lifts located on the main   floor allow the player another way to travel from the ground floor to the first. These lift require a Matinee Sequence. Doors at each spawn location will lock the other team out, giving the player a safe respawn zone. The doors will also require a matinee sequence. The final sequence is the Bridge. The players will need to be able to interact with a switch in order to drop the bridge and allow their team access to it.