• Role: Designer, Engineer, Artist

  • Team size: 2
  • Date: June 2013 – Ongoing
  • Engine: Flash, Flash Builder, Starling
  • Available: Here


“Matching” is a combination of many different inspirations: collectable trading card games, Tetris and Candy Crush. This prototype is my response to the Match 3 genre as a whole, I believe that the genre suffers from a very high degree of chance. Players succeed more often from an unintended chain of good fortune instead of careful planning.

How to Play

Every player is given a starter deck when first beginning the game. This deck will grow and evolve as the player completes levels, gains currency, and purchase booster packs. They are able to change out any cards in their deck at any time to better suit their own play style or to give them an advantage in certain levels.

At the start of every level their deck is shuffled and three cards are drawn. Cards are dragged onto the board, when tapped they are rotated 90 degrees. Just like in any Match 3 game, a set of three of same color together becomes a group. The larger the group the higher the points awarded when the player chooses when to clear the board. Covering a large percentage of the board will grant an additional point bonus as will awarded for having a diversity of color.